26 July 2007

No regulated German techno beats today guys, just guitars and noise, together, in the best fashion possible.

Girls girls girls, everywhere I look I see girls specialising in skronky noisecore and off-kilter indie pop.

Not really, just these three. Japan-cum-London girl Akiko Matsuura plays for both Comanechi and Pre. After reading Vice's review of the Comanechi and Pre 7" split I decided I would quite like to see her, from a distance, or maybe close up depending on my frame of mind. An intriguing frontwoman who really gives it her all as she shouts above her accomplices oh so clever guitars as together they create a doom-metal Deerhoof in a bad mood type noise, actually no, it's not even worth pigeon-holing, it's just a pigging riot. Fans include fellow cantankerous frontwomen Beth Ditto and Karen O (who is rumoured to be producing a Pre album). Forerunners of everything good in music, Merok records are releasing 500 copies of the Comanechi and Pre 7" and it's available HERE. Also keep an eye out for some new Crystal Castles, The Teenagers and Whiskey vs Faith coming out of Merok ;-) The Pre track off the 7" is called Popping Showers and you can hear it here.

Pre - Popping Showers
(alt link)

Another female familiar to noise is Marnie Stern. Raw, primitive, loud, strangely compelling. There's not much I can add to the throng of positives that everyone is saying about her. Have a listen, it's well worth it.

Marnie Stern - Letters From Rimbaud (alt link)

Finally, disgustingly twee in comparison is the wonderful Theoretical Girl who are actually 4 girls kind of like the UK's answer to Au Revoir Simone (though with a bit more to their music but shhh) simplistic melodies that are oh so lovely. This song is off of Digital Penetration which at £5.50 inc postage for 20 fantastic tracks puts it up there in the top 7 bargains of the year!

Theoretical Girl - It's All Too Much
(alt link)

bye for now

  • Theoretical Girl's a solo artist isn't she?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:32 am  
  • I think she writes and records on her own. But she also plays with 3 other girls I do believe.

    By Blogger Leighton, at 11:12 pm  
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