10 July 2007

Sorry about lack of update past few days, busy etc.

Since i'd first heard Breakbot's remix of DatA's excellent Aerius Light I instantly became keen to hear more. Moshi Moshi the label with immaculate taste in all things good (in my eyes) have stepped in to rescue needy ears by releasing a 7" by Breakbot with songs Happy Rabbit and Summer Party. GET IT HERE. Breakbot also does plenty of remixes, which brings me to London electro breakbleeper Arrow !!! whom Breakbot has recently remixed, here are a couple of tracks from him.

ARROW !!! - D.O.E.S. (alt link)

ARROW !!! - Superfilth (alt link)

A couple of months on from first hearing KAP BAMBINO and I still can't get enough of them, I thought the sound they made would have have lost it's flavour like when a single piece of chewing gum had to last you a whole day at school, but no, ripe and raucous as ever! Get the album HERE.

(alt link)