20 September 2007

Nonpareil indie electronica outfit Errors are soon to be hitting you in the face with live dates up and down the country, there's plenty of them so chances are there'll be one in a hamlet near you. They are supporting Underworld.....yes the Underworld of Born Slippy fame. Check their MySpaces for dates.

Errors - Hans Herman
(alt link)

There's also a new Hemstad track on their MySpace, quite different to their other stuff, possibly due to a reduced line up. Still rad fun though.

Hemstad - Rave Nation
(alt link)

And finally if you like free cool stuff, which you obviously do or you wouldn't be here, then get yourself over to Summer Lovers Unlimited Recs where they're offering an ace self-titled 7" for free download by the cacophonous noise-niks that are Channels 3x4.

Channels 3x4 - The Queen