7 September 2007

I apologise for the slow download speeds, alternative links where provided will be quicker, otherwise just cultivate some patience innit =)

Nearly a year ago I posted this song by David E. Sugar, I stumbled over the song again while perusing my collection of 8-bit tunes and decided it is well worthy of a re-post. I'm sure it'll be met with greater approval now than back then, after all chip is now hip.

David E. Sugar - Totally On (alt link)

After a decent new-ish experimental band to torment your ears with? Might I suggest DD/MM/YYYY. They do disjointed, they do frantic. They get creative, messing around with guitars, drums and the odd video game noise, concocting a melee of experimental math-rock mayhem. Good honest noisy fun. You can pick up their album Are They Masks? from HERE.

DD/MM/YYYY - Simple Life (alt link)

DD/MM/YYYY - White Lines (alt link)

Keytars & Violins is one year old this month. Roughly 150 posts and 400 tracks. Pointless fact.

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