26 September 2007

Just been making a mix cd of remixes for my friend and upon completion of it decided that this is still one of the best remixes ever. Nuts.

The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health (Trentemoller Remix)
(alt link)

Now for some new techno releases.

Just when you thought bass and distortion couldn't get any better, it does. Boys Noize lean more towards the naughty noises of D.I.M. or PUZIQUe than more poppy Kid Alex here with this acidic bass monster off their Oi Oi Oi album. This makes for the almost undanceable dance tune of the year, giving even last years winners Motor a run for their money. Mmmm.

Boys Noize - The Battery

There's also an excellent new release out on Border Community, that release is from Canadian kid Jake Fairley aka Fairmont. An eerie wonder that captivates you with its off kilter floating tune and precise minimal beat. It really is a great track, just the kind of goodness that's come to be expected from Border Community. There's also some top notch remixes of this track been done, including one by Christ.. Available HERE.

Fairmont - Flight Of The Albatross

And finally, the mighty Turbo have put out an excellent EP by Belgian duo Compuphonic & Kolombo that smacks of Booka Shade et al in the very very best way possible, excellent stuff! Available HERE.

Compuphonic & Kolombo - Passing Light

News just in: Watch out London, i'm about on the weekend.

  • trentemoller is seriously one of the best remixers out there. i enjoyed his take on "mothers health" last year. however, i was under the impression that a lot of people found this remix a bit flat. that's understandable, considering the amazing work he did on "what else is there?"

    also, i am pretty comfortable calling "oi oi oi" one of the best dance albums of 2007.

    By Anonymous FuGen, at 3:06 am  
  • a bit flat...maybe in places, but it's about three quarters in that wins it for me, i'm a sucker for build ups, break downs etc, it makes me giddy. i must have been living under a shell to have still not heard the what else is there remix, you've built it up now if you reckon it's better than we share our mothers health!

    yeah, oi oi oi and happy birthday are the big hitters for me, be interesting to see what else makes peoples end of year cuts.

    By Blogger Leighton, at 10:48 am  
  • i heard "battery" last night at a gay sex party and it worked perfectly...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:49 pm  
  • You have a lucky friend...I bet he can't wait for his mixtapes...I imagine he is in ecstatic expectation!

    By Anonymous EVOL, at 12:37 pm  
  • You're so right about the Knife's Trentemoller remix and the thing is that the "What else is there" remix sounds pretty much the same. I used to put one for the other in the first place.
    -> One should say "this couple of remixes is one of the best remixes ever"

    By Blogger Crame, at 6:36 pm  
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