25 October 2007

With the proliferation of heavy bass and squelchy distortion that you see on every blog you read, you'd be well forgiven if you thought something akin to the following: "Yeah yeah i've heard it all before, and quite frankly I blame France." But wait, one more excellent exponent of said sound wouldn't hurt surely? Of course not, man in question is London's Blende who dishes out a quite tasty mix of Detect's Dance Division. Detect has also done an ace remix of the wonderful Adam Kesher in times past.

Detect - Dance Division (Blende Remix)
(alt link)


Adam Kesher - Modern Times (Detect Remix)
(alt link)

Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear

Fast becoming one of my favourite tracks of recent times. To me it'd make the perfect soundtrack to a sad love story set in space circa 1978.