9 November 2007

Beats For Beginners, pretty 2004? Nah, they're back resurrecting the DJ's they killed last time around with a new 6-track EP Lazer Beams For Eyes which features a remix from that Melbourne kid ZZZ. One for the weekend.

Beats For Beginners - Lazer Beams For Eyes (Beats vs ZZZ Remix)
(alt link)

Now for a musical equation.

Think About Life - Serious Chords


Sunset Rubdown - Swimming
(alt link)


Shapes And Sizes - Intro To Being A City


Magic Weapon - Fireflies (alt link)

Magic Weapon is the result of Shapes And Sizes' Rory Seydel, Sunset Rubdown's Jordan Robson-Cramer and Think About Life's Matt Shane combining forces to become Canada's premier lo-fi indie conglomerate. I'd even go as far as to say that the Magic Weapon EP is better than the latest Sunset Rubdown effort, but these things are of course subjective. Thanks to Transparent Magazine for bringing them to my attention.