8 November 2007

Genjini are my love of the day. They are from France and lie somewhere between, Whitey, Errors and Love Is All (i suppose). There's some tracks to listen to on their MySpace with Shake And Go being a particularly teasing to your feet.

Genjini - Shubbeez (
alt link)

Swede's remixing Swede's.
MPTP and Samuraj Cities the two bands in question. The track taken from THIS 7" which also features a remix by Zeigeist.

MPTP - Jim Morrison (Samuraj Cities Remix) (alt link)

Not posted any 8-bit melodies in a while. So here is the witty and informative
Mr. Spastic and the guitar-chiptune combination of The Depreciation Guild. From 8bitpeoples.

The Depreciation Guild - By Sundown (alt link)

Mr. Spastic - Ichi Ni San Cuatro (alt link)

Chiptunes are fun. So are the prehistoric electro carnivores that are Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - seriously check out their MySpace. The songs on there are double good! In related news, I heard all 46 Land Before Time films will be played on TV over Christmas and New Year.