15 January 2008

aRTIST oF tHE yEAR make squelchy electro tunes whilst at all times hinting at other genres thus creating [insert amalgamated genre]. Its all good though. Taken from their Wreck La Discotheque album.

aRTIST oF tHE yEAR - Yeah!!! (alt link)

Furthering the skills of glitch and guitar is my long-time fave - Electric Company.

Electric Company - Recalcitrant Remote Comptroller (alt link)

And sticking with the Tigerbeat6 roster of artists. Watch out for a DAT Politics UK tour in April where they'll be showing the other kids just how to do it. After all, they are old hands and have been belting out chiptunes and trashy electro through two millennia.

DAT Politics - V.I.D.E.O. Tape (alt link)

So yeah, that was all pretty fun. But let's get dark. Before Burial's Untrue there was this from Mystery Artist. Ok so it's not even dubstep - but there are some pretty similar eerie sounds in there and it is certainly some breathtakingly atmospheric electronic music. Taken from Gwane Mone EP. 'The production here is just utterly devastating, a squashed assembly of tight percussion and low undercurrents of mood and menacing melody, perfectly embodied by A-Side opener "Jinn", tumbling into a freefall of Gescom-ised beats and eerie soundtracking - totaly fierce. "Gwane Mone" on the flip sounds like its operating in two time signatures at once - on the one hand a black vision of industrial decline in slow motion, on the other a percussive blitzkrieg that shows no mercy - utterly sick material' - Boomkat (Who I trust implicitly)

Mystery Artist - Gwane Mone (alt link)

Mystery Artist - Jinn (alt link)

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