16 January 2008

Trashy electro cover of 1983 italo classic!

Ear Pwr - Spacer Woman (alt link)

What a great song to cover. Ear Pwr are from North Carolina and have been doing gigs with the likes of Crystal Castles throughout last year. They make fine pop-electro songs about aircraft, aliens and dancing! When I first heard the original Spacer Woman by Charlie a few years ago I was completely mesmerized by it - being one of the first italo tracks i'd ever heard I was taken aback by more than its inherent pop charm, it made me want to be in space (a feeling i'd never felt before). Cheap synth sounds producing insane hooks, monolithic drum beats and icy cold vocals, simply incredible and a sound i've craved ever since.

Charlie - Spacer Woman (alt link)

  • whatever, they suck.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:27 pm  
  • where can i download this song I've tried looking for it on limewire but no such luck :( ear pwr is incredible and i really want 2 download there songs!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:53 pm  
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