4 January 2008

Principles Of Geometry - A Mountain For President (feat Sebastien Tellier)
(alt link)

HeartsRevolution - Prism Effect (alt link)

Two of the finest instances of electronic consonance that I have heard recently. Principles Of Geometry have teamed up with Sebastien Tellier on vocals to produce nothing short of incredible. Years behind - light years ahead. A Mountain For President EP out on Tigersushi also features a typically outstanding rework from Joakim - the man can do no wrong. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Tellier's third album - it's due out pretty soon and if Sexual Sportswear is anything to go by it stands to be something quite special indeed. Ice cream sellers HeartsRevolution are just so contagious, Prism Effect has been one of my most listened to electro-pop slices of recent months and is taken from the fun filled Choose your Own Adventure release.

  • I just love how that Prism Effect synth pad keeps getting just slightly out of tune! Gives a somewhat frightening effect an all through amazing track! Their best so far according to me.

    By Anonymous don Simon, at 3:33 pm  
  • According to EVERYONE. It's roughness around the edges is what gives it it's charm. I'm not sure how but Cory Kennedy fits into it somehow too, i've never understood her.

    By Blogger Leighton, at 1:22 am  
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