24 January 2008

It is great to see some new material from Siriusmo. The Berlin wunderkind has turned his hand to some incredibly fresh tunes on his latest release 'All The Girls'. There is not a mediocre track to be found here, just straight up pumping electro funk jams. Some of the catchiest tracks i've heard this year. 'All The Girls' also comes with remixes and edits from the very finest - Modeselektor and Yuksek. A great progression from his earlier yet also excellent 'Minirock' EP

Siriusmo - Girls Rock
(alt link)

And to follow that, something just as good. Ali Renault as i've mentioned before is a talented London producer who releases blissful disco tinged electronics on the Dissident label. Excellent stuff - similar to Bogdan Irkuk which can only be a good thing.

Ali Renault - Cuffs
(alt link)

Lovefingers I love you.

Neftali's Beast - Land Of The Drums (alt link)

  • OMG that cuffs track is seriously awful. it sounds like some kid who skipped his clarinet lesson to fool around w/ garage band. way bad.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:45 am  
  • i love cuffs!

    By Blogger The Dark Archer, at 7:03 am  
  • each to their own :) but i'm with dark archer on this. if i didn't like it i wouldn't post it.

    By Blogger Leighton, at 10:53 pm  
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