9 January 2008

My love for techno keeps increasing, but as my love for it grows so does my realisation of just how much techno music there is out there. I still feel like I know nothing about the genre - which is probably true. I do know what I like though, so here we go.

My picks:

Stephan Bodzin - Planet Ypsilon
(alt link)
Taken from Bodzin's fantastic Liebe Ist.... LP. Must have for any Holden fan.

Hug - Tiny Stars (alt link)
A.K.A. John Dahlback. Minimal goodness.

PUZIQUe - Suite 9
(alt link)
Disjointed techno brilliance from this Boys Noize incarnation.

Jori Hulkkonen - Mr.Drive

Icy fresh track from Hulkkonen - I am in love with this!

Crackdown - Politic Velvet (alt link)
Acidic bassline gets you moving every time!

Gino's & Snake Plissken - Ingenuous
(alt link)
Fans of Booka Shade will love this.

Vergel Evans - Metal Stabbs (circa. 1997)
Super minimal analogue techno from Vergel Evans

Farben - Beautone
A.K.A. Jan Jelinek delivers some minimal techno bliss.

Techno Video (epiletics DO NOT click)

Motor - Drive

BTW M8s. If you like the drawing above you can get it printed on a fine quality tee from Concrete Hermit.

  • it's true, the Electronic Music genre is vast and as varied as the whole world of music in general. I've been really into electronic music since the 80's, so i pretty much know what styles I like and what i don't care for (though it often just depends on my mood). but awhile back i discovered this handy-dandy site which charts all the various styles of electronic music, with descriptions and samples of them all. it's extremely comprehensive. and its awesome! even if you know it all, it's really a fun site to visit:


    also, if you don't know about it already, you should checkout the Dance Dept. podcast available via iTunes - a weekly podcast from the Netherlands featuring cutting edge tracks. i've discovered some of the best dance music recently from that podcast. Thanks for the tunes!

    cal in minneapolis

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:48 pm  
  • man
    solid solid solid solid solid post
    wasnt a song i didnt like.
    keep em comin. just like this

    By Blogger Kudos & Scoobie, at 2:44 pm  
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