14 February 2008

Quite a while ago I posted some spaced out grooves from Amplified Orchestra. Here is some more from them that will no doubt remind you of Black Devil but is in fact an edit of an obscure Canadian disco track from 1981 called 'War Dance' by Kebekelektrik .Top stuff.

Amplified Orchestra - Kebec 1 (alt link)

Fellow disco aesthetes Padded Cell are readying themselves for a debut album release in the next couple of months, I can't wait for it. It will feature plenty of collaborations including one with The Diaphanoids - a mysterious bunch of time-traveling space bandits who themselves will be releasing tribalistic astro-melodies on the 'Mermaids Of Lunaris EP' at the end of March released through Bear Entertainment. Quality all around.

Padded Cell - Konkorde Lafayette (alt link)

The Diaphanoids - Weightless Motionless (alt link)