29 April 2008

Aphrodite's Child - Babylon (alt link)

Babylon was a 1972 single release for Vangelis' then prog band Aprhodite's Child.

Otterman Empire - Babylon & On (alt link)

Otterman Empire then gave it an overhaul and made it ready for the most beardy of dancefloors.

  • that Otterman Empire is sooooo good.

    By Blogger dalston shopper, at 12:24 pm  
  • who made the drawing?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:05 pm  
  • It is brilliant, totally different from anything else they've made.

    The drawing was done by:


    By Blogger Leighton, at 9:43 pm  
  • Hi,
    I find really intersting that you use drawings to represent music : It makes more sense then using the identity of the artist itself, because it creates something new.
    What I don't accept is that you use drawings (without authorization, it's comprehensible, we are on internet) but without giving the artists names or giving a link to their website... This is unacceptable.
    I hope that, in the future, you'll give more credit to the people who makes the visual part of your blog...
    Thank you for them,
    Sophie from Taille-Crayon

    By Anonymous Sophie, at 6:13 pm  
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