21 April 2008

Techno (with strings)

Italoboyz - Zinga
(alt link)

Booka Shade - Outskirts

The latest Italoboyz EP manages to make minimal monotony marvelous. Booka Shade is Booka Shade - impeccable.

Techno (no strings)

Lazy Fat People - Shinjuku (alt link)

It's amazing what shuffle on your iPod can bring up sometimes, I was walking along the railway tracks before and Shinjuku came on, I never remember it being this good.

James DIN A4 - Brunos Prostata (alt link)

It could be something off the new Autechre record, that's how good James DIN A4 is to me. Seriously underrated.

Nathan Fake - Charlie's House (Apparat Remix) (alt link)

Favourites remixing favourites - it can never ever go wrong. Apparat's Things To Be Frickled is quite the delight.

  • love italoboyz yo

    check this shit out http://NeonCoolKidsYo.com

    By Blogger Neon Yo, at 7:19 am  
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