9 April 2008

To write a diary every day is like returning to one's own vomit.

Johan Agebjörn - Mega Man II
(alt link)

Johan Agebjörn blends two things I do adore - disco and chiptunes. The video is incredible.

John Dahlback - July First
(alt link)

John Dahlback's latest full length Winners & Fools is one of the most consistent releases i've heard in quite a while. Tech pop for sleepyheads.

In Flagranti - Nonplusultraremix (Sex Schön Remix)

Perhaps the best In Flagranti remix to date.

Muravchix - Tropical Warrior
(alt link)

The soon to be big electro pop act Heartbreak also have solo endeavours - you may have seen an earlier post on fellow Heartbreaker Ali Renault. This is Muravchix with some groovy neo-disco. Dissident are really putting out some neat stuff at the moment, in particular Tommy Walker 3 and Gweilo.

Morten Sorensen - Visage (alt link)

Great debut release on Tirk (who put on the best night at Snowbombing) for Norwegian whizzkid Morten Sorensen. The Start Something EP is out May 5th and is a real promising blend of tight arpeggiated synths, spacey grooves and deep basslines.

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