17 April 2008

I do have Epitonic to thank for bringing TRS-80 to my attention back in the day. They've been creating a unique sound for quite sometime now, and in addition to their top tracks you can always guarantee an equally as impressive video, often directed by Ariel Pink cohort Eric Fensler. Their most recent release - The New You, simply put, is really really good. Live drums, analog synthesizers and a host of other worldly noises give an instantly nostalgic feel to their tunes. Like a more diverse Zombie Zombie or an intellectual older cousin of Cut Copy, this is grade A quality electronica. The New You is available here.

The video for Tinted has been done to perfection. A wonderful video to add to their already terrific collection. All of the TRS-80 videos are viewable HERE. If you're a fan of found film and archive footage then I implore you to check them out.

TRS-80 - Tinted (alt link)

Zombie Zombie sound like this BTW.

Zombie Zombie - Psychic Harmonia 2
(alt link)

They have a mega busy schedule and are totally worth checking out live, quite an experience. Go see them - buy the record.

  • Where do you get these amazing images?

    By Anonymous James, at 4:16 am  
  • hi friend,

    yes i'd also like to know where u get these FUCKERN AMAZING artist's works?!?!? they're quite similar in styles, in their uh dont know the name of it but..yeh its radsome!

    wheeeere do you find em?

    in the mean time ill read your blog=)

    By Blogger nfw, at 3:19 pm  
  • Lack of supervision at work affords me the chance to scour all over for the wonderful images by talented people. www.ffffound.com is about the best image bookmarking website, on there you will find an unfathomable amount of images. There are plenty of other art blogs and aggregators out there though, start somewhere like www.anti-corporation.blogspot.com and see where you end up :) enjoy!

    By Blogger Leighton, at 9:23 pm  
  • It is amazing video!

    By Anonymous Exclusive, at 3:04 pm  
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