25 June 2008

pic: worse, worst

Chrome Hoof - Egg'n'Bass (alt link)

Chrome Hoof - Tonyte (alt link)

Experimental doom disco orchestra Chrome Hoof are an act i'm totally excited for at Pukkelpop after missing out on seeing them a couple of times now. The live show is really meant to be something.

You may be after something a little more bassy and dancefloor friendly.

Jaimie Fanatic - Meet You At Six (alt link)

Leonard de Leonard - Screaming Dance (alt link)

After killing a Lillica Libertine track, Leonard de Leonard delivers up this. A nice stop start electro track with slightly less peril and screams than those found in this old Jensen Sportag (massively underrated) track.

Jensen Sportag - Japanese Zombie School Girls

  • we saw chrome hoof live a couple of months ago.
    and it was absolutely horrible.

    hope you dig them more.
    I would never want to see them again!

    By Anonymous thefastlife.org, at 5:00 pm  
  • Ah well, if that's the case at least there will be sunshine and cherry beer!

    By Blogger Leighton, at 6:11 pm  
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