20 July 2008

pic: M.C. Esher

Dwayne Sodahberk - Bird Bones -o.version (alt link)

This is a great track off of FjÀrilsfalu. Cold vocals, full of glitches and lo-fi Nordic goodness.

Map Of Africa - Plastic Surgery (alt link)

Beards at the ready. Love this track.

Map Of Africa may have taken their cue from the likes of Dogs Of War, a mid 1970's prog-disco act that slay now more than ever before. A re-release of their 1977 self-titled LP is available at Flexx.

Dogs Of War - Future Jungle (alt link)

Dogs Of War - Spaciula (alt link)

I'm going to try and post more frequently in the coming week. But for now I will leave you with the most fantastic thing I saw this week.

  • I had seen the one port before. I must have been pre-production. It was only the inside part where it crawls in and out of that hole, and there was no sound then. Isn't it a wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing that.

    By Blogger Commodified, at 11:32 pm  
  • Many thanks for the Muto post. I'm not at all into Grafitti work, though this is quite astounding.

    Tank s

    By Blogger Andrew Meehan, at 2:18 am  
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