8 July 2008

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Time continues to fail to avail itself to me.

B.W.H. - Stop

B.W.H. - Stop (Bangkok Impact Remix) (alt link)

The original by B.W.H. is a bonafide disco masterpiece. Bangkok Impact however destroys the bouncy synth lines of joy and rebuilds it into a cold electro cut with one heavy beat. Great.

Flemming Dalum is a name i've recently began becoming acquainted with. A man with an unrivalled passion and knowledge of the obscure, he has one of the worlds most complete collections of Italo and Disco. He would travel all the way from Denmark to Italy to buy records direct from the Italo distributors, trips which were well worth it if you get chance to hear his Dance Of The Obscure Robot Compilation. Coupled with that he has also earned the name "King of the cut" for his natural talent for mixing and blending synths with records, creating his own unique world of sound. Having released much on Panama Racing, the following is taken from his most recent efforts on Italo Edits released on Moustache Records of Rotterdam.

Transport - Computer World (1985 Computer Edit) (alt link)

Paul Ray - My Machine (Full Vocal Edit) (alt link)

More soon.

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