21 July 2008

pic: Andy Gilmore

Minilogue - Space (Roland M. Dill Remix) (alt link)

Animals by Minilogue has been lauded by many as one of the best electronic releases of the year so far. Space was an EP released last year which has now been remixed by powerhouses like Radio Slave and Pierce. However, the remix by Cologne's Roland M. Dill to me stands head and shoulders above. Incredible.

Phil Kieran - Wasps Under A Toy Boat (alt link)

Phil Kieran is probably my favourite producer at the moment and has been for a while, his latest 12" on Cocoon entitled Wasps Under A Toy Boat is absolutely superb.

Note to fashionistas on a budget, check out the sale over at Surface to Air because it's pretty good, nice jeans etc (I don't know what happened to the wicked shoes they used to do though). If I was a girl I would dress like they do on there.