29 July 2008

pic: Jonathan Puckey

Norwegian electro-pop from Cato Canari, he has been working with some top names like Bjorn Torske and Rune Lindbaek in producing his album Out Of Tune. He currently lives DJ's and produces in Tokyo. The track Never Leave Me is a real summery Scandinavian style electro-pop treat. The track with Balthazar is aimed towards the electro/disco dancefloor with its non-stop beat, dreamy synths and quirky bleeps.

Cato Canari And Balthazar - Are You Sure? (alt link)

Cato Canari - Never Leave Me (alt link)

Staying in Norway. Mental Overdrive returns with an album entitled You Are Being Manipulated which is out now on Smalltown Supersound. Given how productive the Norwegian disco scene has become in recent times with many new and exuberant artists popping up, the time-served Mental Overdrive has delivered the goods that can perhaps compete with his newfound contemporaries whilst never taking it too seriously (see the vocodered rendition of Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills). Get the CD here.

Mental Overdrive - Original Material (alt link)

More needs to be said about Max Essa too, a talented producer from the Londons. His 12" EP Back To The Beach on the great Bear Funk label is a sterling listen and highly recommended for you fans of Aeroplane, John Daly, Peter Visti etc etc.

Max Essa - Back To The Beach (alt link)

  • wonderful that i found you. i will be backtracking while looking forward to future posts. please don't stop!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:17 pm  
  • Thankyou again K&V, amazing selections as always

    By Blogger benjimite, at 10:08 am  
  • HEy :) I really the music that you share with the world. You might find some interest in my mix's?


    Let me know what you think!


    By Anonymous brad, at 8:36 am  
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