3 August 2008

pic: Shofolk @ Oki-Ni

Nothing under 10 minutes, with emphasis on gradual evolution during a song.

Lil Tony - Cosmic Afro Pan (alt link)

A 10 minute ode to Cosmic sounds from Helsinki's Lil Tony. Low synth bass, piano keys, and also a swing in the direction of Techno as the song evolves.

Move D - Drone (alt link)

Track names give it away sometimes. This 12 minute piece by Move D is all about a simple drone noise with an ever evolving array of sounds revolving around it. Hypnotic minimal excellence.

Los Updates - 4 Wheel Drive (Ricardo Villalobos 4wd Remix) (alt link)

This Los Updates track featured on Fabric 36 mixed by Ricardo Villalobos. It's now been released on Cadenza and comes in just under 13 minutes. Really looking forward to Villalobos' set at Pukkelpop.