19 August 2008

Back from Belgium. Good times etc.

First up is a remix that stood out a mile when I saw it tracklisted on the latest Trax magazine compilation over in Brussels. Invisible Conga People remixing Simian Mobile Disco to create an ethereal jam.

Simian Mobile Disco - I Got This Down (Invisible Conga People Remix) (alt link)

The new diskJokke track off Full Pupp's Greatest Hits compilation is pretty darned good. Really would like to see this guy in a live show scenario. His Norwegian cosmic contemporary Lindstrom will be doing some live dates in the UK soon. A must see, so good live.

diskJokke - Cearadactylus (alt link)

Dug this beaut out from the depths of my hard disk. Boomkat says this about Alan 1: Young Roman producer Alan 1 dishes up three fresh tracks loaded with raw electro beats, Italo templates and an abundance of '80s-compatible sound effects. 'Rampage' could hardly sound more authentically retro: its digital percussion and squelchy synth stylings make for some classy, backwards-compatible productions. The flipside is more firmly oriented towards electro, featuring the tremulous synth capers of 'Drugstore Warriors' and the midtempo bleeping of 'Apollosamba'.

Alan 1 - Drugstore Warriors (alt link)

And to finish, an old solo piece by one time Kraftwerk then Harmonia member, Michael Rother - really quite excellent.

Michael Rother - Schwarze Augen (alt link)

  • hope you had lots of fun & lots of Kriek at pukkelpop :)
    i love that simian mobile disco remix!

    By Anonymous sofie, at 4:35 pm  
  • i really digg everything you post. thanks for making many a' days for me.
    kid a.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:42 pm  
  • Pukkels was ace. So happy the weather was good. Much Kriek was enjoyed ;)

    Thanks Kid, i'll endeavour to keep the quality up.

    By Blogger Leighton, at 11:45 pm  
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