25 September 2008

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This is a varied post about music from Germany. Let's start with an ace compilation on German label Das Drehmoment called Ruckwarts im Uhrzeigersinn, a collection of underground electronic music that ranges from disco to EBM to pop and beyond. Available on double LP here.

Jaques Dubroix - All Over (alt link)

Dream Disco - Get Away (alt link)

Volta 82 was the 2nd ever release on Boys Noize Records way back in 2005. More recently it features on said labels 2 CD best of that you can get from Boomkat. Leave it to the best.

Boys Noize - Volta 82 (alt link)

And a far cry from the above is the music of Klaus Boch, a man who hid under the name A La Ping Pong for two releases in 1981, known as Phase I and Phase II. The first Phase featured some highly inventive music using guitar looping and delays, with multi-tracking and various electronics. Then, in contrast, Phase II took a diversion to Kraftwerk styled electro-pop. Critics say that Phase I was the better and having heard both I wouldn't disagree. Nevertheless, both make for a refreshing and compelling listen.

A La Ping Pong - Edelweiß für ... (alt link)

A La Ping Pong - Morgenstern-Abendstern (alt link)

A La Ping Pong - Go (alt link)

  • your blog is one of the few original ones that i enjoy so much! thanks for the great tracks.

    By Anonymous bearbaby, at 7:43 am  
  • i second that ;)

    By Blogger sofie, at 11:42 pm  
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