8 October 2008

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My inbox has been surprisingly good to me of late. Plenty of good stuff coming through. Here's a selection.

Two new releases that have recently dropped on Bear Funk are from The Diaphanoids and Tobor Experiment Disco Experience. The Diaphanoids EP earlier on this year was really great. Now they're back with a full length entitled Astral Weekends. You might not be able to tell from it that they'd actually written for Luciano Pavarotti in a previous existence, but you will note some sounds reminiscent of some long lost proto-spaceage sound library. I'm already tiring of using space/cosmic cliches, but with Astral Weekends they are wholly appropriate. Seriously excellent cosmic action with a hefty dose of beard. You can grab your copy here.

The Diaphanoids - I'm So Silver (alt link)

The Diaphanoids - Eau De Space N.5 (alt link)

Next it's Tobor Experiment Disco Experience, a man with an unhealthy interest in the 1970's and it's Moog's and vocoders. The Disco Moog EP is no doubt incredibly cheesy, but where would we be without it! The clavinet workout on I Feel Loved is just great.

Tobor Experiment Disco Experience - I Feel Loved (alt link)

A Taut Line is the work of Matt Lyne, a Brit now residing in Osaka. Drawing influence from Moroder to New Order his productions certainly have a nostalgic vibe coupled with something distinctly Japanese perhaps more specifically Mule Musiq going on - which can only be a good thing. There's plenty more on the A Taut Line page.

A Taut Line - I'll Dissolve The Rain For You (alt link)

A Taut Line - Between Your Sheets (Not Mine) (alt link)

Roger Roger has to be one of the best real names ever! Good work parents. Roger Roger was a French composer who specialised in pieces for TV. For his electronic compositions he used the alias Cecil Leuter and was amongst the first to use the Moog. Sadly he passed away in 1995. Just recently, Felix Martin of Hot Chip has put together a touching retake on one of the late Roger Roger's tracks. Brilliant.

Cecil Leuter - A Vanishing Song (Hot Chip Remix) (alt link)

And to finish, a unique trip into the quirky world of Gablé - they're like DAT Pol with a rapper and an affinity for folk music. Sounds bizarre, works quite well (probably because their tracks are so short)

Gablé - Puree Hip Hop (alt link)


Arpadys - Funky Bass (Berlin Machine Edit) (alt link)

  • Tobor Experiment Disco Experience is great, Disco Moog is cheesy indeed but i love it nonetheless! :)

    By Blogger sofie, at 9:38 pm  
  • love your blog , great job.

    By Blogger raoul, at 10:18 pm  
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