30 November 2008

Loud E - Robolove (alt link)

Bogdan Irkuk a.k.a. Bulgari - Jewel Of The Black Sea (Ultracity Remix) (alt link)

Some superb work from Loud E on the track Robolove which is an edit of Love Robot's 1978 track Slaves Of Pleasure. Released on the super ace Ambassador's Reception label. Then roll with Ultracity who did this top remix for Bogdan Irkuk's Coastal EP.

Dutch electronic legend I-f did this mix back in 2001, and the tracks on it have to go down as a big influence on the resurgent italo-disco scene. Brilliant mixing and a solid gold track listing. Essential listening.

I-f - Mixed Up In The Hague

Material - Don't Lose Control
Junior Byron - Dance To The Music
Strafe - Set It Off
Night Moves - Trance Dance
Mirage - Woman
BWH - Stop
Kid Frost - Terminator
Project Future - Ray-Gun-Omics
Steel Mind - Bad Passion
Pete Shelley - I Don't Know What It Is
IMS - Nonline
Gino Soccio - Dancer
Electric Funk - On A Journey
Cellophane - Gimme Love
'lectric Funk - Robot Is Systematic
Sparks - Beat The Clock
Heather Parisi - Disco Bambina
The Parallax Corporation - Anti Social Tendencies
Models - Jr Robot
Scotch - Penguin Invasion
Brand Image - Are You Loving?
Thanya - Freedom
Goblin - Tenebrae

1hr 14mins



I-f is doing 2 of the tastier holiday camp festivals early on next year, BLOC weekend at Butlin's Minehead and Bangface at Camber Sands (yay). Both have really good line-ups. Zomby is also playing the Bangface weekender, and his heavily rave influenced dubstep has been doing all sorts to me of late. Get the Where Were U In '92? LP here.

Zomby - Mu5H (alt link)

Zomby - Where Were U In '92? (alt link)

  • Already have all this, just wanted to thank you for posting it. I wish Bogdan Irkuk had more music available already. 'Everything is Changing' is one of my favorite things. So is your blog, by the way. K/V doesn't get enough love.

    By Blogger Peter, at 7:14 am  
  • Whoa! 'Everything is Changing' is absolutely off the chain. Thanks so much posting. Need to here more from this guy. Great blog, keep it up

    By Blogger Polaroid, at 8:45 pm  
  • A great thing that you posted this mix !!

    By Anonymous Dr Von Disco, at 5:12 pm  
  • Would love to hear this mix. Link is down....
    Great blog.

    By Blogger Credit Crunch Club, at 12:36 am  
  • I remember reading about the I-F mix in Mixmag actually. Going back a few years this was, but they actually listed it as the greatest mix of all time.
    Agreed on the greatness, and it may be worth me highlighting this link : http://robotdj.net/ as a place for you to find it still available. Robotdj is associated with now defunt C.B.S site. You'll find LOADS more similarly related mixes there too, if interested.

    Keep up the good work K&V!

    By Blogger -JohnB, at 11:17 am  
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