26 November 2008

pic: Andy Gilmore

Juan Trip' and his latest album Fireplace has wowed me into a state of contentment, feeling the cold? Get this on. 23 tracks of exquisite psychedelic content. It's a testament to Citizen Records too, proving they are about much more than full on electronic music. A great release. For fans of obscure '60s and '70s psych and in the realms of modern 'cool', Beyond The Wizards Sleeve and maybe even Battles in the odd instance.

Juan Trip' - She's On A Trip' (alt link)

Juan Trip' - Critical Mass Explode (Kissing The Floor) (alt link)

You know i've said how this year has been good for compilations. Add another one to the list. Versatile Records 2008 Compilation. A sublime blend of italo disco, acid-house and kraut rock. Featuring tracks from Joakim and Fabrice Lig and remixes from Danton Eeprom and Ame. Really good stuff from Versatile as usual. Get it here.

Chateau Flight - La Roquette (alt link)

The Cave Bear Cult - Keep On Keepin' On (alt link)

  • always surprised with your selections. thanks. opened my mind and my ears......

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:21 pm  
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