18 November 2008

pic: Toby Triumph

Apologies for the lack of update in the last week. I was down in London in part, and mega short on time. Well done to Proxy for totally killing it on Saturday, an amazing night with the exception of the worst smell in history lurking in the toilets all night :(

Here's some tunes. I've been loving the Skatebard album Cosmos, really good vibes and genuine quality throughout. Get it here.

Skatebard - Gamble Furutrær (alt link)

Skatebard - React 2 Rhythm (alt link)

And an assortment of good tunes.

Golden Bug - Disco Sensation (Bonus Beats) (alt link)

Icasol - Ongou (alt link)

Luke Solomon - The Difference Engine (alt link)

Mit - Rauch (Luke Abbott Remix) (alt link)

Lurifax - Need Someone (alt link)

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