23 January 2009

pic: Ian Stevenson via Blunt

It's been a stressful week, i've found solace from listening to a lot of ambient and downtempo music. Here's a round up of the good stuff, so for a moment just relax and unwind.

Telefon Tel Aviv - Made A Tree On The Wold (alt link)

Tim Hecker - Borderlands (alt link)

Alva Noto - Xerrox Monophaser 2 (alt link)

Yagya - Rigning Níu (alt link)

Oblio - Epicureanism (alt link)

Todd Terje & Prins Thomas - Reinbagan (alt link)

The new Telefon Tel Aviv album Immolate Yourself is really something quite special, a far cry from their sound of old I think it is some of the best crafted electronic pop i've heard in quite some time. Just listen.

Telefon Tel Aviv - Birds

We're off to Krakow on Thursday, if you cool kids have any recommendations of places to drink, dine and dance then please feel free to drop a mail. Ta.

  • nice tracks! big fan of the blog, thanks for all the nice sound leads..

    here are a couple of my own to share

    By Anonymous RICK++, at 12:36 am  
  • Hi there, just recently got into this Blog Simply amazing, really opened my eyes to a few producers I had otherwise over looked, i'm hooked. Thanks.

    Had trouble finding a decent electro drinking hole in Krakow. One place we did quite enjoy was Piano Rouge, off the main square. Fabulous interior and cocktails. Mix of music, Jazz and some Polish bands which we're pretty entertaining. George

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:44 pm  
  • Very nice. again.

    TTA's first album really made an impact on me! A glitch manifesto! The second one made me so disapointed though. So I don't know what to expect, but this sounds promising.

    And those norweigans, what can I say? Makes me happy on the greyest of january days.

    By Blogger don Simon, at 1:27 pm  
  • wonderful music, thanks!!

    By Blogger joakimR, at 6:27 pm  
  • R.I.P. Charlie Cooper

    By Blogger don Simon, at 6:29 pm  
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