14 January 2009

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Music At Nite - Pancake Radio (alt link)

Music At Nite is the work of the Glaswegian brothers Clark, no stranger to working as a team Dave Clark also makes up one half of remix moguls Optimo Espacio. Music At Nite have come up with a killer 12" on Wireblock entitled City To City. Four tracks of glitch infused, Drexciyan styled dancefloor gold. Essential listening, get a copy here.

Elitechnique - Munich Emotions

Sticking with duos this is Dutch disco fiends Elitechnique with Munich Emotions out on Clone. Horns, cowbells, bass guitar and some super synth work make this 9 minutes you'll thoroughly enjoy.

Bobbie Marie - Ship Overboard (alt link)

Tenuously duo related I know, this is the superb psychedelic b-side off of Bobbie Marie's latest release on Whatever We Want records. Bobbie Marie aka Thomas Bullock makes up one half of the renowned Rub-N-Tug.

Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour - Bumblebees Dance (alt link)

Taken from Luke Vibert's Further Nuggets. Jack Arel did some of the soundtracking on the 1960s TV show The Prisoner, a show filmed at a place that filled me with boredom and dread as a child, Portmeirion, looking back now it is a pretty interesting place with a unique background.

  • Great tracks ! Thank you so much.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:46 pm  
  • i love your blog! your taste is immaculate, something rare to see these days... keep up the great work!
    one thing though, is zshare the best option for your alt links? i find it quite annoying to use, maybe something like divshare would be easier / faster? of course you probably have your reasons.
    anyway, good luck!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:12 am  
  • Thanks a lot! I wasn't aware that divshare did streaming before download, but i'm going to give it a go as of now, because zShare is fairly shocking. Cheers for the heads up

    By Blogger Leighton, at 9:20 pm  
  • That bumblebees dance track is something else.
    Any recommendations for similar tracks/artists?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 pm  
  • Hey man, good track. Are you sure music at nite Johnnie Wilkes from Optimo though ?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:43 am  
  • you're probably god

    By Blogger discoidal, at 5:31 am  
  • Soundtrack artists like Arel churned out a lot of music back then, a lot of it not that good so it's a bit of a minefield. Library compilations are the way forward, be sure to get Luke Viberts Nuggets 1 & 2. And the Space Oddities compilation on Permanent Vacation is a must too.

    With regards to Music At Nite Being in Optimo, check out discogs.com, you will note a difference between Optimo (McIvor and Wilkes) and Optimo Espacio (McIvor and Dave Clark of Music At Nite). f a mix title has Optimo (Espacio) in it it implies that the mix is done by these two.
    Confusingly, because of the club name, one would expect mixes mentioning Optimo (Espacio) rather than just Optimo to be produced by Keith McIvor and Johnnie Wilkes, his DJ partner at the club but they're not. Hope that makes sense?!

    Thanks all

    By Blogger Leighton, at 11:48 pm  
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