19 February 2009

pic: Anthony Mattox

Unit Black Flight - The Art Of Survival (alt link)

Unit Black Flight - No Turning Back (alt link)

Unit Black Flight - Masking (alt link)

Deeper and darker than the North Sea at midnight! Unit Black Flight and the Where Is Carlos? EP. Remixes come from Legowelt who gives the Italian pastmaster film scorers a run for their money, cracking analog action.

And now for some world music, i've not posted anything like this for some time now. It's worth checking the story behind Mongolia Expedisound, there's a YouTube video here which explains it all, it's really quite lovely! Now for the sounds of Ulan Bator.

Nomadic Winds - Genghis Khaan (alt link)

Altai Khangai - Mongol Naadam (alt link)

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