10 March 2009

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Rone - Bora Vocal (alt link)

Taken from the absolutely gorgeous debut on Agoria's Infine label by Rone. As an accomplished soundtrack artist Rone here with Spanish Breakfast may well have achieved what very few seem to, producing a luscious and endearing full-length techno album that delivers throughout. It's melodic tones will no doubt sit right with fans of the Border Community staple.

Synclair - Synclair (Expander Remix) (alt link)

Baby Oliver - Feelings 2 (alt link)

It always upsets me to know that i'm overlooking a criminal amount of music, and that due to the impossibility of the task there forever will be great tunes going unheard by me. I do try though, these two are from 2007 that have only recently come to my attention.

Alexandra Parade - Ruchill Rumpus (alt link)

Up to the moment, and it's Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy given the cutting edge treatment by Alexandra Parade (aka J.D. Twitch). Taken from the boutique presses of Autodiscotheque. Available on vinyl with a delicious Chicago style take on Brass Construction on the reverse. Brilliant stuffs.

  • The Alex Parade track is a dissappointment it sounds sloppy and it does not flow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:49 pm  
  • The vocal on Bora have been written and spelt by Alain Damasio a Sc Fi authors !

    Amazing lyrics !


    By Anonymous ubertrigger, at 7:00 pm  
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