12 March 2009

pic: Mike Borsche

Kolombo - Sniff (alt link)

Without doubt Kolombo's best track to date, out on Turbo and available here along with the equally intense Pique Nique. Turbo are also set to release a two CD compilation in the next couple of months, filled with a selection of their best dancefloor hits from the last 10 years.

Mr James Barth - Workin' The Truth (alt link)

Next up, the third release for Philippo Ransullo and Community Service Records. Three varying tracks, from upbeat funk to a heavy synth chugger, then an edit of INXS' Just Keep Walking, great stuff. Vinyl here.

Philippo Ransullo - Gotse (alt link)

Out on Skylax as part of DJ Kaos' Way Out Pleasure is this catchy number from Liquid Liquid's Sal Principato & Dinamo Azari, sure to please fans of DFA releases and the like.

Sal Principato & Dinamo Azari - Immaculate Contraption (alt link)

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