3 March 2009

Sorry for lack of update, i'll make it up today. First up, here's a couple of mid '80s new wave/synth-pop gems. Nebraskan Tom Ware had an LP in 1985 entitled The Fourth Circle from which the brilliant Chinatown is taken. I've seen it described as Rother meets Kraftwerk and is a favourite of Beppe Loda. Then there is Iron Curtain, a five-piece new wave act who had a few 7" and 12" in the mid '80s and a recent re-lease of tracks on Pylon US.

Tom Ware - Chinatown (alt link)

Iron Curtain - Anorexia (alt link)

I'll be back later on with a round up of all things techno.

  • I like new wave. But I'm even more thrilled about that upcoming techno post. :)

    By Blogger Don Simon, at 12:13 pm  
  • iron curtain good dark wave

    By Blogger Mark 0 zero, at 9:11 pm  
  • Cosmic disco love it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:21 am  
  • Both are fantastic and completly unknown for me. Thanks a lot!

    By Blogger Gohan, at 3:57 pm  
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