8 April 2009

pic We Are DAG

I don't know where i'm going with this. I've been out cycling in the glorious late afternoon sunshine, stopping off to meander through an abandoned brickworks...an intriguing visceral landscape that I didn't have the nerve to delve deeper into, soundtracked to a decidedly techno playlist.

DJ Hell - The Angst & The Angst Part 2

Butch - Soultan

Paulo Olarte - Siluetas (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)

Davis & May - Whisper & Scream

Fog - Jaguar

Fergie, Reset Robot And Alan Fitzpatrick - Gas Mask

Unknown Artist - A1. Untitled (Seldom Felt 4)

Camera phone quality pics here, here and here. In the next installment see if i've got the nerve to break into one of the factory rooms or alternatively head into the woods in search of who knows what! (this probably won't happen).

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