5 May 2009

Pic: Anna Pantchev

Brassica - The Centre (buy)

The new 12" from Brassica on Dissident is just huge. An epic build up of swirls, chants and shouts before it thunders into action without let up after the 2 minute mark, offering a relentless chest crushing beat over video game bleeps and cosmic twinkles. This is just amazing. A complete departure to the more experimental Brassica full-length Microvictories.

Alton Miller - Inner8 (DXR Remix) (buy)

How to follow that? Well we'll stick with the deep bass, this is one of my favourite remixes of recent months that for some reason I never got around to posting although it did feature in a mix I did. DXR's remix of Alton Miller. Smoooth.

The Gallery - Big John Is My Name (buy)

Everyone probably knows a Big John. I work with one, sound bloke. This edit from The Gallery is of Undisputed Truth's 1974 funk jam of the same name portrays Big John as the bellowing soul singer who drives women crazy with his vocals.

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