16 July 2009

Not so much music listening going on this week, kind of got addicted to the game Braid. A beautiful, brilliant and totally captivating puzzle platformer. see the trailer here. Musically though, this is a brief round-up of what has successfully pleased my ears just now. I heartily endorse listening to the following.

APM 001 - 001 (edit) (buy)

Droney synth accompanied by occasional beat and other noises, interesting to hear on a dancefloor in a sort of make or break Patrice Baumel 'Roar' kind of way.

Kelton Prima - Night Ridin' (buy)

Jammy disco joint full of seedy low end synth.

Wehbba - Cava

Peak time tech house.

Canson - Risiko (buy)

Super interesting. Deep forward thinking house tracks by Canson in the vein of DJ Koze and Pepe Bradock... sort of.

Al Usher - Gnanfou (buy)

This Al Usher track is so good, keen to hear a remix by Bogdan Irkuk of Usher's Lullaby For Robert.

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