7 July 2009


pic: Marin Van Uhm

Subway - Lowlife (buy)

The full length from cosmic duo Subway really is essential. So refreshing.

Toby Tobias - Azul Blue (buy)

A slick lounge turned disco chugger from the ever pleasing Toby Tobias, taken from the Apres 2 release by Australian label Future Classic it also features a track by Bonar Bradberry and a full on pop music track by Touch Sensitive, really, sounds like it should be on the radio.

Tim Curry - Coke (buy)

Actor Tim Curry also had a couple of LP's and a string of 12"s back in the 1970s. This track has got some killer drums on it.

Tesco Bombers - Hernando's Hideaway

A track i've not listened to for a number of years, Tesco Bombers had this in 1982. The definitive post punk tango song. I dug out a few oldies at the same time as Tesco Bombers, but was really disappointed to have lost my copy of The Gymslips - Rocking With The Renees, if anyone has an mp3 copy of it i'd be most pleased to hear it again... but y'know, not the end of the world.

Henriette Coulouvrat - Can't You Take A Joke

French new-wave gem, from the Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes compilation.

  • hey leighton is that track actually tim curry, or is it tribe? take a look at this..


    By Anonymous tim, at 5:23 am  
  • nice ones : )

    By Blogger sofie, at 10:52 pm  
  • That track is 100% definitely Tribe - and I'm pretty sure the spelling is "Koke" not "Coke".
    I have the 45 somewhere.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:36 pm  
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