22 July 2009

San Soda - Doorsnee (buy)

San Soda offers up deep house music that is both rooted in the past and firmly aimed towards the future. Out on We Play House Recordings San Soda gives us three killer tracks from his vaults. On the A-side is ‘Doorsnee’, a track that already had people requesting a release when it was but in its infant days on his Myspace. Describing it is quite the task, because it kinda leaves the 4/4 path and still stays on it, it kinda floats but it still gets you screaming on the dance floor. Sensational.

Christian Loffler - Heights (buy)

Gorgeous 4 track ep from Christian Loffler out on Ki Records. Deep, dreamy techno, some of the best i've heard in a while.

Mikkel Metal - Kenton (buy)

To finish, a super piece of rolling dub techno from Mikkel Metal, out on Echochord, comes with a more punchy mix from Marcel Dettmann.

  • quality not quantity thats why we love ur blog! nice 1

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:34 pm  
  • Really like Doorsnee. It's got the odd effect of building tension at the same time as it's releasing it. Think it's got something to do with the way it's based on that unusual recurring five bar phrase.

    By Anonymous Jonny Bombosa, at 9:40 pm  
  • ooohhhh, that San Soda track is hot!

    By Blogger Dom Terrace, at 2:46 am  
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