24 July 2009

Pic: Brantley Jones

Bronnt Industries Kapital - European Male (buy)

Arguably it's Get Physical's most path deviating release to date, but it's certainly a good deviation from the usual sounds of the German electronic superlabel. Bronnt Industries Kapital is the work of Guy Bartell, and on this his third album he shys away from the sounds of his work on Static Caravan and instead draws influence from Krautrock and Italian horror movie soundtracks, the result is most pleasing. Hard For Justice is available here.

Lugnet - Bitterljuv (buy)

Lugnet - Sommarstorm (buy)

Lugnet Records is a newish label based out of Malmo, their two releases so far are of very highest quality. Psychedelic edits and obscurities in the vein of Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve... but they're not just about the old and the rare, they've also indicated a desire to put out the work of new producers with the aim of bringing forward a more progressive and psychedelic approach to todays obvious. There's a interview with Lugnet over here at Cosmic Disco.

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