11 August 2009

pic: Anthony Zinonos

The Tyrell Corporation - The Hunt For Gollem (buy)

One of my favourite and most fun tracks of the month. A fist pumping rock anthem from Dutch italo-disco master, Alden Tyrell.

Zepp 001 - Don't Sleep (buy)

A release that was always sure to benefit with The Revenge being on side for a remix, Zepp 001's Don't Sleep, out on Delusions Of Grandeur. Brooding, bass heavy minimal disco with some really amazing strings.

Jonny Rock & Luke Solomon - Megamixx (Megamixx (Mr G's Movin' Remix) (buy)

Having been addicted to their 'It's In The Rhythm' track from the other month, I was sure to check out Jonny Rock & Luke Solomon's other stuff. Really impressive.

DJ Enne - The Impatient Man (buy)

The Impatient Man is such a lovely tune, slow mo cosmic stuff with whimsical vocodered vocals.

I will post some heavier sounds soon.


  • amazing how much inspiration i find in your posts, for sometime now.

    by far the best music selection out there. goes for the graphics too.


    By Anonymous ivo, at 1:55 pm  
  • I losted all the music and happy that this archive still works !

    By Anonymous Cosmonaut, at 10:42 am  
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