6 September 2009

pic: Lilcooch

Really happy to say this. I've just done a mix for the wonderful London based music magazine Dummy. Head over there to listen to it.

Keytars & Violins Mix For Dummy

Now some really good techno.

Unknown Artist - Seldom Felt 5 (buy)

More anonymous beats from the Seldom Felt series, offering number 5 is without doubt the most danceable. Ripping vocals out of the classic disco tune 'You Make Me Feel' it chops everything up and delivers some multi layered techno brilliance. For fans of Soundstream etc.

Blind Minded - To The Bus (buy)

Super inventive techno from Blind Minded, sampling the London transport system. A favourite of Ivan Smagghe this. Get it here.

M.in & Ynk - Capetown River Boating (buy)

Originally out on Weplayminimal at the beginning of the year, the absurdly good Capetown River Boating. Tiefschwarz have been hammering it all summer and will shortly be releasing it on their own Souvenir Music label along with some remixes by Kreon and Sante. Sante also has a remix up on his myspace of the following track by &Me. Released on the super hot Keinemusik label, F.I.R. is about as good as it gets, I am totally in love with this track, the vocals work so well, it's flawless. Thank you Grindin'.

&Me - F.I.R. (buy)

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