27 September 2009

pic: Jorn Kaspuhl

Neonbelle - I Just Might (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (buy)

Sumptuous work from Dutch producer Nuno Dos Santos. Really dreamy.

Meanderthals - 1-800-288-SLAM (buy)

Desire Lines was released earlier this year on Smalltown Supersound, perhaps a little more slept on than I was expecting given that it's a collaboration between the Idjut Boys and Rune Lindbaek.

Haito - Gopfrich - Non Plus Ultra (buy)

Haito Gopfrich
's debut album Fiat Lux is just out on Boxer. Superb tech-house.

Sinc - Sur Sur (buy)

Greek tech-house. It's all fairly straight forward until that acid breakdown every now and then,
teasing stuff.

Peter Horrevorts - The Rabbit Hole (Johannes Heil Remix)

This actually blew up speakers when Heil played this out, no joke. Mental bass.

I've watched a few films lately too. Here's a couple I totally recommend.

Time Crimes
: Superb Spanish thriller that works on causality and stuff, certainly gets you thinking without being perplexed like say Primer does, although that too is excellent if you dig that sort of thing.

Un Prophete: I'm not usually big on crime drama's but this epic is just utterly captivating from start to finish.

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