14 September 2009

pic: Siri Hol

Here's a little assortment of space disco jams and the like that i've been digging for a while and saving them up for a big post like this. I hope you enjoy.

Mandrillo And Muppets Band - Pick Pack

From 1979, this was the work of Celso Valli, better known for his work as Azoto. Fun time disco.

Naif Orchestra - Check Out Five

From 1984, killer synth-disco track about supermarkets needing to be open on Sundays, or something.

J.Joyce & Co - Daddy And Mama

Produced in 1978 by half brothers Jean-Pierre Massiera and Bernard Torelli this track has it all, fake string arrangements, abundant energy, double entendre filled vocals and most of all it is insanely catchy.

Mike Theodore Orchestra - Cosmic Wind

Upping the funk with this from 1978, taken from the Tom Moulton mixed Cosmic Wind LP. Space disco funk supreme.

Disco Dream and the Androids - Love Dance

Disco Dream and the Androids - Dream Machine

A more minimal take on space disco from this 1980 LP by Disco Dream and the Androids which you can get on a re-release here.

Les Edits Du Golem - Pete Wolf (buy)

Les Edits Du Golem - Spacerock

And a couple of super obscure cuts taken from the fantastic Les Edits Du Golem series.

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