4 December 2009

Pic: Magic Sweater

Johannes Volk - Heat Haze (buy)

Don't Stop is an exciting new label recently started up in Germany. The first release is a sensational 12" featuring two totally contrasting yet equally brilliant tracks. Johannes Volk sends us on a mesmeric journey with Heat Haze and Mirko Hecktor releases a funk laden house jam. Sure to be well received everywhere. 300 vinyls and digital.

Ichisan & Nakova - Povratak Otpisanih (buy)

Ichisan & Nakova - Rob Vesolja (buy)

Somehow missed this beauty from last summer. Directly from the Slovenian crime scene here come Ichisan & Nakova with guns, bodies of evidence, badges and .... lot of funk! Anthemic nu-disco out on Pizzico Records. Cracking!

Shimmy Sham Sham - A-side (buy)

This is an anonymous party track that has apparently been around for about 3 years before getting a white label release this summer. The a-side is a killer rework of a Fela Kuti track, not to be missed!

  • Ichisan & Nakova tracks are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    By Blogger PleasureCruise, at 6:11 pm  
  • My question remains.. How have I not stumbled across this lovely blog before?

    You have inspired me to start mixing again.

    Thanks for that mix of John Carpenter - The Bank Robbery.. Listening to the original right now <3

    Pity you live so far away. It's people like you that make me happy..


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:30 pm  
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