9 January 2010

Pic: Sam Weber via Hey Oscar Wilde

And normal service resumes, will hopefully post a bit more now :)

Family Of God - PIP

Going back to 1998 is this by Family Of God on In Flagranti's Codek Records... amazing stuff as you'd expect. You can find this and other pre-millenium Codek cuts on Blast Head's Middle Taste Of Codek. So good.

Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras - Burn Brighter Flame (Morgan Geist Edit) (buy)

More curio old stuff getting editted and re-released. Cowley and Socarras get editted here by Morgan Geist, but there's also a remix by Oni Ayhun in this package!

Ulysses - Latin Combo (buy)

Out on Wurst Edits is the sublime Latin Combo by Ulysses, upbeat disco for the modern dancefloor.

Sleazy McQueen - Naked (KiNK Remix) (buy)

This starts off on a fairly similar track to the original, then KiNK descends into darkness, bass and acidic oscillating synths. Nice.

Lil' Tony - Mona (buy)

Chicago inspired house from Lil' Tony. His latest Underground Sound Of Helsinki EP is pure goodness throughout.

Memphis - Le Petit (buy)

Spanish tech-house from Memphis, simple yet very effective and refreshing production based around some strange, strange vocal sample. Like it a lot.

Martin Buttrich - L2 (buy)

Again, loving the relative simplicity of this Martin Buttrich track for Desolat.

If old school dance videos are your thing too, then check out this amazing YouTube user for some super content.

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