26 February 2010

Pic: Pootee

Dapayk Solo - Green (B-side) (buy)

Under the mysterious Geheimtipp moniker Dapayk produced one of my favourite tracks of last year. Assuming his more regular Dapayk Solo name he dishes out this top slice of cut up techno, the synth stabs really make it.

Idjut Boys - Five (buy)

The Idjut Boys go minimal on this squelchy oscillating workout. Furthering their more experimental work on Droid. Interesting stuff.

Alex 'O' Smith - Skynet 2B (buy)

Omar S is continues in imperious form. Last year as Alex Smith his Here With Me EP went all spacey and lo-fi also not forgetting the track that was Still Serious Nic. With Plesetsk Cosmodrome he does the same to fantastic effect.

Les Aeroplanes - Impersonnel Naviguant (buy)

Les Aeroplanes - Trajectoires (buy)

Keeping it lo-fi and spacey, Les Aeroplanes (not to be confused with Aeroplane) turn out some authentic space funk, on the normally more robotic Mathematics Recordings.

Wavelength - Funk Dreams (buy)

Wavelength - Life Turns (buy)

From space funk to synth-sleaze from Wavelength, better known as Dam Funk. This makes me feel dirty.

Hero Of Switzerland compile their favourite Top Tips from the weekly women's magazines. Amazing.


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