16 March 2010

Fet Et Moi - Paris Is For Lovers (buy)

The greatest use of a Justin Timberlake vocal? I possibly think so. Old school house percussion and an acidic bassline, but it's the vocals from Timberlake's My Love that really make the track come together. Production is spot on, so it may come as no surprise to find that Fet Et Moi is in fact the work of &Me and Fetisch.

Here's a few more techier bits i've been enjoying. Nothing too straightforward though.

Olene Kadar - Neal Deepersma (buy)

Olene Kadar - Sarg Wualb

Yakine - Maissade (Varoslav Waves Remix)

Area - Missing A Few (buy)

Loops - Tuner

And now taking it back to 1985. Conveyor Belt was originally a cassette release on ADN of Italy. It has been described as simply one of the best pieces of experimental and industrial music released in that era.

Doxa Sinistra - The Other Stranger (buy)

Another video. No prizes for guessing the influences behind this track by Funeral Fireworks, but it's still lovely nonetheless. Glorious distortion coupled with emphatically building repetition.

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:01 am  
  • That Fet Et Moi tune is utterly amazing.

    You heard the new Oni Ayhun EP yet? RA think the world of it but I'm not quite sure.

    By Blogger James Rand, at 1:54 pm  
  • Just great selection as usual

    By Anonymous menjai, at 3:14 pm  
  • I've been after that fetetmoi tune since I heard it on a luke fair mix a while back. bliss thanks for sharing! I had no idea what it was called....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:37 pm  
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